Apex Legends characters guide: all hero abilities detailed

Apex Legends characters guide: all hero abilities detailed

On the lookout for an Apex Legends characters guide? Then our handy breakdown of each legend in Respawn’s battle royale game and their abilities will be just the ticket. Whether you’re considering who to try first, or who you would like to mix things up by playing as next, each of Apex Legends’ heroes boast a unique personality and playstyle to make every round feel fresh.

There’s an Apex Legends character for every play style: Wraith and Mirage’s stealthy and deceptive characteristics will appeal to the seasoned flanker who is out to deal serious damage to one key target, where the big, friendly tank, Gibraltar, will have to be prepared to put themselves in the firing line and shield their team from danger. Then there’s the medic, Lifeline: this legend will play the crucial role of maintaining the health of her squad.

Of course, since you’re automatically placed in a squad of three in Apex Legends, you can’t afford to think individually. You’ll need to think carefully about how characters complement each other if you want to be within even the length of a grapple hook between you and glorious victory. When you’re ready, here’s what you can expect from each of the Apex Legends heroes.

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