Author: Cynthia

This classy Asus ROG B550 board is down to $164 this Black Friday weekend

Recently, Intel has stolen much of the limelight with the launch of its new Alder Lake CPUs, but it's not like AMD lost performance overnight. A Ryzen 5000 system is just as capable as it ever was, and there are some good Black Friday bargains to be had on AMD CPUs and motherboards, including the […]

Get a Philips Hue lighting strip kit for just $50, that’s less than half price

RGB lightstrips always felt like gimmick to me until I saw them in action. It’s a wonderfully vibrant immersive experience, and when matched to your games makes your screen feel like it’s leaping out into your room. It’s a lot cooler than I gave it credit for. But it’s also commonly a lot more expensive […]

Best Black Friday Deals That Are Still Live in the UK: Today’s Top Offers

A bunch of Black Friday deals are still live in the UK, so here's a quick round-up to look over all the remaining offers before Cyber Monday kicks off. We've even managed to find some new deals. But, before you make the trip into deals, here's our top tip: if you're planning to spend money […]

This top quality Be Quiet Platinum 650W PSU is $30 off

The humble power supply tends not to get much love. But they’re a vital part of your system, and it’s not recommended to skimp on your PSU, especially if you’ve got a quality system. If you’re stuck with a no name PSU, an upgrade is definitely recommended, and this Be Quiet Straight Power 11 650W […]

Get this budget gaming monitor for £45 off

Given some of the great monitor deals we’ve seen over these Black Friday sales, it’s tricky to recommend one that's just 60Hz. But for many gamers out there, 144Hz or above isn’t a requirement or even something they necessarily notice or care about. Dropping those Hz is a decent way to save some serious cash […]

Gigabyte’s G27Q is one of our favorite monitors and it’s on sale for $260

This may not be the biggest deal we’ve collected this Black Friday when it comes to dollars off, but it’s on one of our favourite gaming monitors of the past year, so we have to share it with you. Newegg is currently selling the Gigabyte G27Q 27” gaming monitor for $279.99. That’s $50 off, when […]