Author: Cynthia

Tomb-raiding puzzler Rob Riches is out now on Steam

There’s an old saying in videogames: graphics evolve and genre grow and fade, but puzzle games are forever. The point is: amidst all those glossy, explosive and narratively compelling games out there, there’s always room to kick back with a puzzler to make our brains whir and possibly overload in ways other games can’t. Rob […]

Generation Zero is the latest surprise arrival on Xbox Game Pass

Generation Zero – Avalanche Studios’ four-player co-op open-world shooter set in 1980’s Sweden – has just arrived on Xbox Game Pass. Spotted by our own Tom Orry on the Xbox app ahead of an offical email landing in our inbox to announce it, the game appears to be downloadable from today (November 30) on the […]

Six strategy games like Civilization

So you want more games like Civilization? As the undisputed king of 4X games (for now), there are many who’ve tried to copy what Sid Meier created, and plenty who want to play a Civ-like experience that wasn’t created by Firaxis. Civilization games offer a unique vision of turn-based strategy where you start from humble origins, […]

Halo Infinite devs are increasing XP gains to ease battle pass frustrations

343 Industries has outlined more changes for Halo Infinite’s progression system in multiplayer following feedback from fans. Community manager John Junyszek explains on Twitter that your initial six matches each day will now offer more experience points to ease the battle pass grind. You’ll now get 300XP for your first match, 200XP for your second and […]

League of Legends’ Chemtech and Hextech dragons get buffed next patch

If you’ve caught our League of Legends patch 11.24 notes, you’ll know that Riot Games has now given us an early idea of what’s coming in the way of balance changes for the first big rebalancing patch of 2022’s Preseason. While there are no specifics on exact tweaks just yet, we know there’s a smattering […]

When is the Warzone End of Verdansk event going live?

Verdansk! That lushious treeline! Astounding architecture style, great airport connections… You just don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone! Some of you out there may have booted up Warzone expecting the map’s final event, the Last Hours of Verdansk, as its final send off. Weird thing is, the event isn’t live today. That’s right, […]

You can play the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer pre-alpha for free from today

Relic Entertainment and Sega have announced a Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer pre-alpha, available to anyone who signs up, will be playable later today. Given that the game isn’t due to launch until late 2022, it’s a pretty far-in-advance to get a taste for the game’s specific brand of RTS action. The amount of content […]

Halo Infinite: it will soon take you six games to earn a battle pass level, instead of 20

When Halo Infinite first addressed players’ concerns that battle pass progression was too slow, it added per match challenges that would reward you with 50XP per match completed. This meant you’d get 500XP in six matches. It was a start, but players still felt progression moved too slowly. Now, after noting that progression issues were […]