Black Friday gaming chair deals UK: Your bottom deserves some love this deals season

Black Friday Gaming Chair deals

Black Friday gaming chair deals

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The Black Friday gaming chair deals are already coming thick and fast. We're expecting the big day to be great for your buttocks, as plenty of retailers will be putting up gaming chair deals for you to peruse.

While we may not be experiencing the same shortages with gaming chairs as we are with silicon, there is some difficulty getting products shipped around the world in general. So, even if there is stock of the best gaming chairs  available, you should check out today's deals and consider making your purchases early, if you're hoping to replace that lumpy old office chair you pulled from a skip a few years back.

Either way, should you be after a bargain gaming chair, some fantastic deals will surely be dropping come Black Friday itself. Just be aware you may have to wait a little longer for shipping—potentially until next year. That's going to be the main caveat in waiting for the last minute discounts.

Do also consider opting for an office chair. They tend to cost more, but offer the best ergonomics for long hours at a desk. 

Whatever sort of chair you choose, a good one will be worth spending a chunk of money on, especially if you're currently in an ancient, non-adjustable hunk of plastic or a stylish-but-uncomfortable accent chair. A great chair will go along way toward building an ergonomic gaming setup.

Who will have the best Black Friday gaming chair deals?

Black Friday Gaming Chair deals

Noblechairs Epic | 4D armrests | 120kg | £329.99 £284.99 at Overclockers (save £45)
The snazzy, and asymmetric looking Copper Edition of this top-tier gaming chair is on offer right now. For that money you get  fantastic build quality in the form of a sturdy, understated gaming chair which we gave an… epic score of 91 in our review.

Anda Seat Dark Demon | 4D armrests | 200kg | £429.99 £219.99 at Anda Seat (save £210)
You can get the Dark Demon discounted elsewhere sometimes, but right now the site itself is doing a big Black Friday sale. You get great build quality, super adjustable armrests—a must—and some ergonomic features thrown in, too.

Corsair T3 Rush | 4D armrests | memory foam | 120kg | £249.99 £172.98 at Amazon (save £77.01)
One of our favourite gaming chairs here, and all three style options are down to the discounted price right now on Amazon. For that price you get memory foam goodness and soft, breathable fabric for your botty.

Razer Iskur | 4D armrests | built in lumbar support | 136kg | £349.98 £279.99 at Ebuyer (save £69.99)
A premium chair from a trusted manufacturer, what more can you ask for. With built in lumbar support, sturdy, adjustable armrests,  and a gorgeous snakey aesthetic, it’s worth a look for that price.

Nitro Concepts S300 | 3D armrests | 135kg | £234.95 £199.99 at Overclockers (save £34.96)
So it’s not the most money saved ever, but here’s a gaming chair with a lot going for it for the money, even before it went on sale. It’s a good build quality, if a little more rattly than some of our favourites. Still, it’s a cozy, comfy chair with good ergonomics so it’s worth a look.

Our magic price searching bots are all over the web, tracking down the best prices all the time. That means this list will be regularly curated multiple times each day

Black Friday Office Chair deals

Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody| 2D armrests | 136kg | £1,275 £1,083.75 at Herman Miller (save £191.25)
The Logitech Embody is one of our favourite gaming and office chairs. It’s not got the most adjustable armrests, but has fantastic ergonomics, and stimulates blood flow. And the flashy blue flair makes it look like it’s come right out of the Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City.

Herman Miller Aeron| 3D armrests | 159kg | £1,112 £945.20 at Herman Miller (save £166.80)
This one’s the little sister of the Embody, and there’s no headrest. Still, this is a company that’s renowned for comfort and built quality, so it’s certainly worth a look if you sit at your desk all day.

Our magic price searching bots are all over the web, tracking down the best prices all the time. That means this list will be regularly curated multiple times each day

When will Black Friday gaming chair deals start to appear?

Black Friday itself occurs on November 26 this year, but there are already offers from a wide variety of retailers well ahead of time. Last year that might have just meant at the start of November, but sales kicked off even before the end of October this year.

What should I look for in a Black Friday gaming chair deal?

Durability has to be one of the key tenets of any Black Friday gaming chair purchase, as does support. If your bargain purchase starts to expose its metal frame six weeks into life as your gaming throne, and the padding sags depressingly, then you might as well be perched on top of a beer keg for all the support you’re getting.

At the very least, you need to make sure that the gaming chair you have your eye on can offer some lumbar support, as well as adjustable arm rests. When you’re typing or WSADing at a desk, those elbows need to be raised just so. Neck pillows, or adjustable head rest, are also worthy of your time and money, but you also want to make sure you actually fit too.

It’s not always easy to get a bead on a chair’s size from an online search, so always check the measurements before dropping a dollar on a new seat. There will be maximum height and weight recommendations for most chairs, and that’s absolutely worth paying attention to. 

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