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Battlefield 2042 weapon attachments may not always do what they say

It seems we can’t go a day without discovering one feature or mechanic that’s not doing what it’s supposed to in Battlefield 2042. A few days into the early access launch, we had already come across misaligned hitboxes, excessive random bullet deviation, and PC performance that’s far less consistent than expected. Battlefield 2042’s All-Out Warfare […]

Evil Genius 2, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition, Dragon Age Origins, more coming to Xbox Game Pass

Some additional games are being added to Xbox Game Pass for the month of November. Two are games through EA Play, Dragon Age: Origins, and Dead Space, and both are coming to the cloud today. Another title coming to the service this month is Evil Genius 2, which was released back in March. You will […]

Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Gaming Headsets Razer, SteelSeries and more

Gaming headsets help immerse players in fictional worlds with the power of sound. Ideally, they also help you clearly communicate with teammates during multiplayer games. Thankfully, Black Friday gives retailers an occasion to put these premium headsets on sale. Read more

Battlefield 2042’s misaligned hitboxes is another reason why you keep missing shots

As Battlefield 2042 players continue to grapple with the game’s multitude of design problems and technical issues, one in particular has been driving everyone crazy. That being the game’s tendency to just ignore bullets fired, making it seem like you can’t hit anything. Netcode and lag are part of the problem, of course, but another […]

Outriders: New Horizon is a major free expansion that adds four new Expeditions, transmog, and more

Remember Outriders? The game that made waves at launch for a long list of good (fun gameplay!) and bad (inventory wipe!) reasons? Well, after developer People Can Fly announced a new update earlier this month, we’re finally seeing it start to land on PC and consoles today – and it’s a pretty hefty beast. Titled […]

Here’s your first look at the live-action Halo series

It’s taken years, but it’s finally here – our first proper look at the Halo TV series has finally arrived, against all odds. During the Xbox 20th anniversary showcase last night, Xbox debuted a very brief look at the show that gives us some insight into what a real-world Master Chief looks like. At least […]

Battlefield 2042 is in a sad and disappointing state right now

Most people probably won’t be playing Battlefield 2042 until today’s launch. But those who opted for the expensive Gold and Ultimate edition, and the many who grabbed the ten-hour EA Play trial, have not been having a very good time. As a long-time Battlefield fan, I’ve been really looking forward to Battlefield 2042. You can […]

Halo Infinite got 100,000 players on Steam in under an hour, attracted 272,000 in its first night

If you were impressed by Forza Horizon 5’s incredible feat of attracting 4.5 million players on its launch day, just wait until we see the proper launch of Halo Infinte in December – it’s looking likely it’ll blow those numbers out of the water. Within just one hour after its surprise launch, Halo Infinite boasted […]

You should play Halo Infinite multiplayer’s tutorial if you want some easy achievements

Last night, Microsoft pulled out all the stops to wish happy 20th birthday to Xbox: the company added 76 new games to backwards compatibility and launched the entirety of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer nearly a month ahead of schedule. Many players, in a hurry to get in on the action, would likely have downloaded their 25GB […]

76 games added to Xbox backwards compatibility, 37 get FPS Boost

To celebrate 20 years of Xbox, Microsoft announced during its celeratory livestream that it would be adding a bumper 76 new games to the backward compatibility library today, November 15. Highlights from the massive list include the entirety of the Max Payne series, all of the FEAR series, Timesplitters 2 and Future Imperfect, Skate 2, […]