Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Sale: Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem and More

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals are here, and have been since last week. There was a brief and glorious time when a whole slew of first-party Nintendo games were marked down to $27, and since then we've seen this Cyber Monday Nintendo deal coming back on various games here and there. Right now you can get Breath of the Wild, a game I consider one of the best of all time, for its incredible Cyber Monday price of $35 at GameStop.

Best Cyber Monday Nintendo Game Prices

Cyber Monday Nintendo Deals at GameStop

Cyber Monday Nintendo Deals at Walmart

Best Cyber Monday Nintendo Deals at Amazon

Amazon's Cyber Monday Nintendo deals are hidden away somewhat. Either you need to add them to your cart to see the price, or you need to buy the digital version to get the discount.

If you follow Nintendo first-party games, you know how rare it is to see them fall to such a low price. You can save a few more bucks if you buy used from GameStop, but $35 for brand new, first-party Nintendo games is unbelievable.

This has been one of the best Cyber Monday deals I've ever seen, and with the return of Breath of the Wild for $35, I'm optimistic we'll see more games return for this incredible price.

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