Dark Souls tabletop RPG announced from the maker of the board game

There’s a new Dark Souls game on the horizon, but not necessarily in a form you’d expect. Steamforged Games, the maker of the Dark Souls board game, announced (via Gamespot) that it’s publishing a new Dark Souls pen-and-paper RPG. And if past quality is any indication, it should be a treat for fans of both tabletop and the Dark Souls franchise.

What’s interesting is the announcement tweet mentions Lothric and the Unkindled, both references to Dark Souls 3. It certainly sounds like the setting of Lothric will be, at least for now, the main setting for the TTRPG. Of course, future expansion books can potentially add new settings and lore, but for now, Dark Souls 3 fans will want to pay attention.

This isn’t the first RPG that Steamforged has put out. As Gamespot notes, its Epic Encounters series is based on Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, so the Dark Souls TTRPG might be based on that system, but there’s no guarantee yet that that’s what the company will go with. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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