Deep Rock Galactic devs reveal Season 2 release window

Deep Rock Galactic devs reveal Season 2 release window

Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games has given us an idea of what’s coming up for the co-op FPS game’s┬ásecond season – and roughly when it’s coming up, too. The devs have teased that Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 will bring a new theme for its round of offerings, with new challenges, events, a performance pass, and more – and it’s due to drop sometime in spring next year.

“We expect Season 2 to go live sometime between March and April, 2022 – first on Steam, and then a few weeks later for both Xbox and PlayStation,” the team reveals on Steam. Noting how ambitious – and therefore how long in development – the game’s first season was, the devs explain that Season 2 won’t be quite on the same level as its predecessor in this regard, though they do make clear that it’ll still be “an impressive update with all the bells and whistles, of course!” Phew!

While the studio can’t reveal the full feature set for Season 2 just yet, it does confirm two to tide you over for now. First up, there are four new secondary weapons on the way, with one for each of DRG’s classes. These will feature the usual round of “mods, overclocks, assignments, and unlockable weapon frames for all the existing weapon frame sets”.

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