Escape to Apex Legends Season 11 and meet the new hero Ash

Apex Legends Season 11, Escape, is here and as the name suggests will literally let you get away to an all-new island map called Storm Point.

There, you’ll be able to play as a new Legend with a familiar face, Ash, and earn tonnes of rewards with an all new Battle Pass featuring reactive weapon skins, holosprays and emotes. As well as cosmetic sets for the Legends Gibraltar, Mirage, Loba, Revenant and Wraith—including a character skin, weapon skin, banner frame and weapon charm for each one.

Let’s get back to Ash, though: if the name sounds familiar it’s because it's a Simulacrum—a robot with a digitised copy of a human mind—of a character who originally appeared in Titanfall 2. Formerly a scientist called Dr. Ashleigh Reid, her mind was uploaded into a robot body and now she fights as an offensive Legend, built for combat with some incredibly disruptive abilities to get the upper hand on her opponents.

Ash's Marked For Death passive ability, for example, lets her interact with the Death Box dropped by a defeated player to reveal an attacker's position. With her targets located she can then use her Ark Snare tactical ability to launch a throwable projectile that creates an electrical trap to damage enemies and hold them in place. And to land the killing blow, Ash can use her Phase Breach ultimate to open a portal to a targeted location, to aggressively close distances or gain a strong tactical advantage. They'll never see you coming.

Apex Legends' new series 11 hero Ash.

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Those are the sort of abilities you’ll need to stay alive on the new Storm Point map. This island is a whole new environment for Legends to battle in: And a place you can get around fast, thanks to gravity cannons that'll hurl you great distances, useful both for escaping the storm or getting the jump on opponents.

Then there’s the local wildlife to worry about, including packs of aggressive prowlers or spiders, or the less dangerous flyers—all of which can be defeated for loot drops, shield boosting EVO points and crafting materials to help you win. Assuming you survive, that is.

And if you really want to test those survival skills then get ready for our upcoming challenge, ‘All Killer, No Fill-er’. Think you’ve got what it takes to fight against full teams of opponents in Trios, while playing solo as Ash? Stay tuned to see how we did taking on teams on Storm Point alone.

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