Get 20% off this Corsair 4000D PC Case right now

If you’ve been perusing our collection of PC Gaming Black Friday deals, chances are you’ve found yourself some tasty bargains. But alas, what if you have nothing to put those bargains into? In steps this Corsair PC case to help you hold all those lovely parts.

Corsair are well known for their well built PC cases so this deal caught our eye. It features a Corsair 4000D Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX motherboard compatible PC Case in black for $74.99. This is $20 cheaper than usual on the Corsair store on Amazon. That’s a fair chunk of the total percentage off for a very nice minimalistic case.

The case includes two Corsair 120mm fans, and can pack in six more or fit four 140mm cooling fans to help move that air around and keep everything cool. Plus there’s space for the radiators on the roof, but all of this does depend on what else you decide to jam into this stoic case.

Corsair 4000D PC Case| Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX compatible | Black| $94.99 $74.99 at Amazon (save $20.)
This laptop is a whopping $435 off, and while it might have been a touch overpriced before, this discount makes it well worth a look. A likely reliable but cheap gaming laptop that gets the job done without flashiness. 

When buying any PC parts it’s always important to check the compatibility of what you’re collecting. Cases are no different and while this one should be compatible with any Extended ATX, ATX, MicroATX, or MiniATX motherboards, make sure to specifically check what you’ve got, and measure as well. There’s nothing worse than buying a nice mid case only to find out your kit needs a full tower.

Various Corsair cases feature in all our top PC cases of 2021 lists, regardless of the size or function. The Corsair Aifrlow 4000D is a very similar looking case that features an open panelled front rather than this more subtle looking black steel front. It took out the number 2 spot for cases in its class this year, so it’s likely this one that shares some of that DNA is also a good pick. 

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