Grab a PC Gamer mag subscription for half price this week

Call me biased, but I reckon PC Gamer is a pretty good website. But did you know it also comes in the form of a glossy paper magazine? Up until November 30, you can grab youself 50% off the cost of a subscription to this radical new kind of “physical website”.

Right now, you can grab a subscription to any of Future's mags, either in print or as a digital e-book, for half-price over on Magazines Direct. This offer only applies to new subscribers only, though a Cyber Monday deal running over Monday and Tuesday will also halve the price of everything on the site—including single issues, specials, and binders.

Half-price subscriptions across all outlets | Three issues of PC Gamer for $8
It’s not just PC Gamer subscriptions that are half-price—subscriptions to all of our sister mags are also going cheap. Want to see what ex-PCG staff writer Rachel Watts is up to at PLAY? Fancy yourself a peek at Edge?

Sure, I get my PC Gamer sub as a perk of working here, but they're awful lovely mags. Subscriber issues feature cleaner covers than you'd get on the newsstand, making the most of some truly stunning art. The pages behind that cover are also pretty decent too, with exclusive previews, features, reviews and the occasional free gift.

Sometimes they even let me write a few words in the mag too. Those are the good ones. Trust me.

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