Here’s every location in Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Caldera map

It's been a long time coming, but Call of Duty: Warzone will soon get a new full-sized map set in the pacific theater of WW2. The new map, Caldera, is set to launch on December 9 with the Pacific update. To build excitement, the official Call of Duty Twitter has shared an official Caldera location list that lays out its major points of interest.

“Where will you be dropping?” reads the tweet with an annotated snapshot of the map. It looks like Caldera is sliced up into 15 regions, each defined by a key feature. Some are small, like the “Sub Pen” that will presumably house a submarine, and the biggest is a wide patch of land at the center of the map called “Fields,” which is probably self-explanatory.

cod warzone pacific caldera location list

(Image credit: Activision)

Here's the full Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera map location list:

  • A – Arsenal
  • B – Docks
  • C – Runway
  • D- Ruins
  • E – Mines
  • F – Peak
  • G – Beachhead
  • H – Village
  • I – Lagoon
  • J – Airfield
  • K – Fields
  • L – Sub Pen
  • M – Power Plant
  • N – Capital
  • O – Resort

Within each region with a major POI, we can see a bunch of tiny orange dots that represent smaller POIs. There are at least a couple hundred dots scattered across the map, with the highest density of them in the southern “Capital” area, so they likely represent small clusters of buildings.

At first glance, Caldera looks a bit smaller than the massive Verdansk region that players have grown accustomed to (though Activision has said it's around the same size). Maybe its island shape makes it look slimmer, but in any case, Warzone could stand to slice off a few kilometers. It's no coincidence that Warzone's tiny side map Rebirth Island has proven so popular that developer Raven Software has made it a mainstay in the game—players want to get into the action quickly.

To go along with the map, the CoD Twitter also released this cheeky flyover video highlighting some of Caldera's key locations themed as a vacation getaway ad for tourists. It looks like Warzone will finally get a splash of color to its sad grey palette, and I can't wait.

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