Here’s the lowdown on Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operator

Rainbow Six Siege is ready for a new season, this time titled High Calibre. There's a whole host of changes coming, but the headline is undoubtedly the new Irish operator, Thorn. 

Thorn is a defensive operator who is going to be an enormous problem for many attackers as they approach a site. Her unique ability, Razorbloom, is a proximity mine that can be placed anywhere. If an attacker gets too close, they will hear a high pitched whirr before a potentially lethal explosion of razor blades hail onto a player.

If an attacker is too close, they won't be getting out alive. There will be a moment to locate and destroy the gadget, but it will be just a moment. However, as insurance, a defender could be watching, ready to shoot whoever trips the Razorbloom as they frantically try to disable it.

Rainbow Six Siege

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Thorn is also coming in hot with a brand new weapon—the UZK50GI. This SMG can shred enemy operators, of course, but has the added utility of being able to tear open walls to create new sightlines. However, if you want to get up close and personal, Thorn can also bring an M870 shotgun to proceedings. 

For a secondary, she has access to a 1911 Tacops pistol or C75 auto SMG. She also has a Deployable Wall and Barbed Wire to choose from. Both synergise with the Razorbloom, making attackers slower and thus more susceptible to a face full of razor blades. 

Thorn is not an overly complex operator, but she will be constantly effective. Even if her unique ability doesn't kill an attacker, it functions as an information-gathering tool. In Siege, information can be just as deadly as bullets. Or in this case, razors. 

Rainbow Six Siege's High Calibre season is live now, and you can get your hands on Thorn to really be… well, a thorn in the side of attackers. For more details on what else is new in the High Calibre season, check out more details here!

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