How to get the best New World gear

How to get the best New World gear

Wondering how to get the best New World gear? There are a few ways to get your hands on new pieces of armour and New World weapons – you can pick them up as drops from enemies or in chests, purchase them from the marketplace or your New World faction shop, or craft them by hand.

You may be content just to upgrade your equipment as you go if you’re close to the gear’s equip level – the easiest way to get good gear is from the faction shop. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your character for New World PvP or high level content, you’ll probably want to seek out even better gear.

If you’re after the highest gear scores and the best perks and attributes for your build, you can either craft gear to your exact specifications, or hope that high level weapons drop from enemies. At level 60, the New World gear progression changes a little, and a ‘watermark’ system is introduced for high level gear. Here’s everything you need to know about gear in New World.

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