How to overclock your CPU and GPU

How to overclock your CPU and GPU

Learning how to overclock the CPU and GPU safely used to be a task reserved for only those techies who live and breathe static. In 2021, however, overclocking is pretty straightforward. It might seem daunting at first, but advancements in technology have allowed for higher-level and more user-friendly overclocking experiences, making for a beginner-friendly process.

You could always learn how to install a graphics card or perform a CPU upgrade to boost fps, but these don’t come cheap. Safely overclocking your CPU and GPU, on the other hand, is easier than it’s ever been, helping you get extra performance from your components and squeeze out some more frames without paying a thing – unless you want to throw the best CPU cooler into the mix.

The argument for overclocking the best gaming CPU and best graphics card is stronger than ever right now, and there’s very little reason not to. Just follow the simple steps below to get up and running. No soldering required. Or maths. Well… ok, there’s a little bit of maths.

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