Kit out your whole room with a gaming chair and desk for just $349 with this Black Friday bundle deal

Imagine getting a snazzy gaming chair and an RGB-lit gaming desk for less than the price of a gaming chair. That's the deal AndaSeat has come out with this Black Friday, and I'm seriously considering getting this setup for myself, especially considering that's almost $1,000 worth of gear for a spectacular $349.24.

Here you get the T-Pro 2 gaming chair which is, although a little fiddly in the setup, a very well build and comfy throne. With it, you can choose between either the Eagle 2, Eagle 2 Lightning, or the Mask 2 gaming desk. Those are usually $400–$450 desks, some with RGB lighting, and even an added cupholder for your convenience.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 and gaming desk | 441 lbs max | 4D armrests | $999.98 $349.24 at AndaSeat (save $650.74)
This one is an incredible deal, considering the classy, supportive AndaSeat T-Pro 2 is usually over $500 all by itself. Not only is it discounted, you can add one of three gaming desks to the bundle and get both for less than $350. Oh, and two of the desks also come with cupholders and RGB… what more could you ask for?

As for the chair itself, you're looking at an understated and comfy chair, with pretty great lumbar support, and loads of adjustment options. Even 4D armrests, which, until you've tried them you might not realise you needed in your life.

The only issue is these chairs and desks are a little awkward to set up, but if you have help at hand they should be just fine. Also, the chair is built for larger frames, so if you're a little lanky you may find yourself sinking into its mass, and not getting the right ergonomics. Just something to keep in mind for us little people.

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