Minecraft modders overhaul 1.18 with 85 new biomes

Minecraft modders overhaul 1.18 with 85 new biomes

Minecraft 1.18 is officially here, and the revamped world generation has created some astounding new vistas. Yet, as ever, modders are at work expanding on Mojang’s game, and Terralith 2.0 has arrived with a host of features to make world generation even more impressive. Best of all, it’s not even technically a Minecraft mod.

The Terralith 2.0 datapack “adds over 85 brand-new biomes, as well as updating almost every vanilla biome with new and improved features,” as the devs at Stardust Labs explain. Just a few screenshots will sell how much new stuff there is here – the volcanoes alone are enough to knock my proverbial socks off.

The new biomes and terrain adjust things both above and below ground, and there’s a big variety of biome types, too. You’ll see plenty of realistic biome types, alongside more exotic locales like “Skylands, Moonlight Grove, and even the elusive Mirage Isles”.

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