New World patch fixes slow and disease PvP bugs, removes some WIP quests

New World patch fixes slow and disease PvP bugs, removes some WIP quests

A new update has come to New World which addresses a few key bugs and other hiccups that have been popping up in the fantasy MMORPG of late. While the patch – titled Update 1.2.2, if you’re fancy – takes aim at a variety of different issues, some key changes fans might be excited to hear about include a fix for bugs that were hampering players’ movement in PvP and stopping them from shaking off a pesky debuff.

New World’s latest patch notes include a fix that tackles “an issue causing permanent disease and slow being applied in PvP”. The slowing bug – or something very similar, at least – in particular seems to have been popping up in bug reports for a while, with the issue reportedly preventing players from moving properly following PvP encounters, with permanent slow and root-like effects kicking in.

The latter, meanwhile, appears to have potentially popped up following the game’s 1.2.1. patch, with a note that “the ‘disease’ debuff may stack infinitely” appearing in Amazon Games’ roundup of some known issues last month. Good news is these should now both be banished from Aeternum and explorers are free to roam at normal speeds (and free from lengthy disease) once again. Huzzah.

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