Devil May Cry 5 runs smoothly on the Steam Deck, according to Capcom

Want to slay demons on the go? Eager to get motivated on your commute? Well, you’re in luck: Capcom has released a video showcasing how well Devil May Cry 5 runs on Valve’s upcoming handheld Steam Deck console.

The game appears to be running in a smooth 60 frames per second (not bad for a portable machine) and doesn’t compromise on game quality, either. Check out just how well Valve’s punchy little machine handles the game in the video below.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the game runs nicely on the hardware – after all, Valve is reviewing the entire Steam library for Steam Deck compatibility and the company notes that it has yet to come across a game the console can’t handle.

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GTA Online’s weekly update reintroduces the Cayo Perico Heist’s panther statue

GTA Online’s weekly update reintroduces the Cayo Perico Heist’s panther statue

You can loot the panther statue from the Cayo Perico Heist for the next week in GTA Online. While Rockstar Games hasn’t posted the details to the Newswire yet, the weekly update is already live, allowing players to see what’s new for themselves.

Players are reporting on Twitter and Reddit that the panther statue is plunderable this week, alongside orange glow shades and a skull emissive mask for completing the final and scoping missions. If you’ve been out of the loop, the statue is the most lucrative thing you can swipe from the heist. It fetches a price of $1.73 million in-game bucks on the regular difficulty and $1.9 million in-game dollars on hard.

If you want to pick it up for yourself, select the panther statue as your heist target, determine your approach for the heist, and then swipe the dang thing. Check out our GTA Cayo Perico Heist missions and all secondary targets and GTA Cayo Perico Heist points of interest guides if you need some help.


New World rolls back EU server after accidentally showering players with gold

Amazon Games has just rolled back New World's Central EU server by several hours after accidentally gifting a number of players up to 300,000 gold.

The rollback was announced after a lengthy maintenance period which saw the entire server pulled down a few hours after the gold was sent out. According to the development team, the compensation was originally being rolled out as a catch-up to those who lost gold through in-game tax. 

“After our patch early this morning, a separate database modification in EU was executed to grant catch up funds for players affected by in-game tax losses since the November feature release,” developer Lane wrote in a forum post. “This database change mistakenly granted very large sums not reflective of the intended amounts.”

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As to be expected, those who found themselves swimming in cash went ahead and spent it, “often buying large amounts of items off the trading post” according to Lane. While the team looked into ways to rectify the mistake, Lane said the only choice was to roll the server back to just before the database modification went live.

While the servers are now back up, the trading post has had to be disabled due to that particular database taking longer to update. “We are already in progress on this work but don't yet know the full time required,” Lane explained. “Once complete, all of the contracts will be restored and the trading post will reopen. This will not require a patch but may need a brief restart.”

Amazon Games said anyone who transferred just before the server downtime may be getting a “character_restore_failure” error right now, which the team is currently trying to fix.

It's been a bit of a wild ride for New World. It feels like whenever one problem gets resolved, another one rears its ugly head. From gold duplications to using chat to crash the game, the teething problems are glaring. 

Valheim developer says ‘it’s possible’ the game will get harder difficulty modes

Valheim has received a small content patch, as part of which it's also shared a few sneak peeks at the next major expansion: Mistlands. The update adds some new enemy types to the Swamps region, which drop materials allowing hardy vikings to craft a new item: This patch also adds a new armour type, which is probably said item.

The image above is from another, yet untitled, future update, which will add caves to the Mountain biome, which will apparently have “lupine inhabitants.” There's also the below glimpse at the Mistlands update: “The landscape is starting to take shape and the mist itself has begun to roll in, but what hides there still remains unknown…”

A Valheim viking admires a peaceful landscape.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Iron Gate Studios has also been busy answering fan questions about the game, one of which was about the Mistlands release date. “I know you're all very excited about the Mistlands, and so are we,” writes the developer. “But we're still too early in development to be able to say for sure when the biome will be released. It unfortunately won't be in 2021 though.”

Other snippets from that Q&A include a question about whether the game will see harder modes added: “We have talked about this actually! It likely won't be until after the game is in 1.0, but it's possible that the game will get different difficulty modes.” So that looks likely. Sadly the same can't be said for adding oars, so that vikings can row together like good vikings should: “Sorry, we have discussed adding oars but will not do so since we feel it is too multiplayer-focused and could lead to difficulties balancing boats in the future.”

Finally: Yggdrasil, the world tree you can see from everywhere. What's the plan there, will we ever conquer that tree? “There are indeed plans for Yggdrasil, though maybe not in the way that you expect.”

Oh well, at least we got hot tubs. The patch is out now and full notes are here.

Microsoft publishes the acquisition letter that got it laughed out of Nintendo’s office

In an alternate timeline, all these things have happened. Becasue over 20 years ago, as Microsoft was getting ready to launch the original Xbox console, a couple of execs at the company were worried that there wouldn’t be enough games for the hardware at launch. The solution? Buy Nintendo!

Nintendo, though, “laughed their asses off” at the offer. Now – perhaps as the embarrassment fades some 20-plus years on – Microsoft has published a letter that was sent between the two companies at the time, giving us an insight into the thinking behind the deal.

The letter has been shared as part of the new browser-based Xbox 20th anniversary interactive museum, and though lots of the document is covered up (boo), there’s stil a lot to be learned from what’s visible.

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FFXIV modder turns Fat Cat plushie into a mount controller

FFXIV modder turns Fat Cat plushie into a mount controller

While some Final Fantasy XIV mounts show off a particular feat you’ve accomplished, easier to obtain mounts can be just as popular due to how over the top they are. Take the Fat Cat mount, for example – it’s fat, and it’s a cat. That’s excellent. So tremendous is this mount that Square Enix sells a chonking big plushie version of it on the store, which one fan has now decided to turn into a controller, bringing us full circle.

YouTuber Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton explains that the way it all works is pretty simple – his Warrior of Light hops on their mount when he sits on the plushie and then hops off if Hamilton gets off his Fat Cat. If you want to get technical, Hamilton has woven some sensors into a blanket that triggers a macro in the game when he sits on the plushie or gets off of it.

“That’s pretty much it!” he explains on Twitter. “The board is completely open to add joysticks, buttons, and what not if I want it to take it one step further for a Fat Cat battle controller, but we’ll see!”

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Valheim update brings new armour and something that “stirs in the swamps”

Valheim update brings new armour and something that “stirs in the swamps”

There’s something stirring in the swamps of Valheim. The team at developer Iron Gate has teased a new presence that’s just made its way to the Viking game’s murky marshes as part of its latest update – and there are some other bits and pieces joining whatever this “something” is. Some potential (minor) spoilers about what’s new follow, folks.

“Something stirs in the swamps”, the 0.205.5 patch notes tease – and that’s just about all we know. The November dev blog goes a weeny bit further to explain the meaning of this addition, noting: “We have heard something strange is stirring in the swamps, and brave Vikings who dare to investigate will be rewarded with materials to craft something brand-new.” Tucked away in the blog as a spoiler is a shot of an impressive – and pretty intimidating – new armour set that you can fashion, which we’ve included an image of below.

Elsewhere in the patch are various handy bug fixes, across gameplay, audio, and some other areas of the game. Monsters will now wake up if hit with ranged attacks, for example (as you’d expect of a slumbering beastie pelted with an arrow), and there are some music fixes in the mix, too.

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This is one of the cheapest ways of getting an RTX 3080 around Black Friday

If you're keen to jump into the Nvidia 30-series club but have been frustrated by the GPU stock shortages of the past year, this RTX 3080-powered gaming PC might be your answer. The iBuyPower Trace MR desktop is priced at $2399.99 on Best Buy and while it isn't boasting any discounts as we head towards Black Friday, it's still a good price for what's inside.

The big selling point, of course, is the RTX 3080 10GB graphics card, but the Rocket Lake CPU—the i7 11700KF—isn't too shabby either. The whole setup is rounded out by the 16GB of DDR4 RAM, a 500GB NVMe SSD for speedy start times, and an additional 1TB hard drive for extra space to store your games. 

This gaming PC maybe isn't the most powerful machine out there, but you shouldn't have any issues running most games on ultra settings while maintaining high frame rates. If you're only tempted by the GPU, there are probably cheaper gaming PC deals out there right now. But if you're due an upgrade, this is absolutely a machine worth considering.

iBuyPower Trace MR | Intel Core i7 11700KF | Nvidia RTX 3080 |16GB RAM | 500GB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD | $2399.99 at Best Buy
At a decent price, you’re getting a solid computer draped around a powerful (and elusive) graphics card. With a strong Rocket Lake CPU and a super-speedy NVMe SSD this machine will be a nice upgrade for most. At the very least you’re getting a new GPU, and in the last 12 months, that’s a win.

If you decide to take the plunge, you might want to consider one of these gaming monitor deals to get the most of this machine's performance. An additional SSD might not go amiss either, especially if you're planning on downloading bigger games, such as the latest Forza instalment.

Mass Effect TV series “nearing a deal” at Amazon

It looks like Commander Shepard is soon going to have a favourite TV on the Citadel. According to a new report, Amazon Studios is “nearing a deal” to develop a Mass Effect TV series based on BioWare’s iconic role-playing series.

In case Amazon’s Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Time series weren’t enough to satiate your thirst for all things sci-fi and fantasy, the company is looking at adapting the classic video game series too, per a report from Deadline.

In an interview with Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke, Deadline notes that the deal is nearing completion but not yet set in stone, meaning Amazon and EA haven’t fully agreed to the project just yet.

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Battlefield 2042’s weapon bloom and Hovercraft nerf patch is here

As promised, the second post-launch patch for Battlefield 2042 has arrived. This update is a little on the smaller side, but it does bring several welcome fixes and directly addresses a couple of the larger points of criticism with the game.

Update 0.2.2’s most interesting addition is nerfing the excessive weapon bloom, which made it so shots don’t land where you aim. It also makes the PP-29 SMG – the weapon everyone defaulted to in order to get around bloom – less effective at range by upping its vertical recoil.

Another important fix in today’s update is one resolving the bug that prevented players from being revived when they die next to a wall or geometry. On that note, players should no longer be stuck in a downed state, unable to be revived or respawn.

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