Rainbow Six Extraction release date – everything you need to know

Rainbow Six Extraction release date – everything you need to know

Want to know when the Rainbow Six Extraction release date is? Previously known as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine, Ubisoft puts cooperative play first in this PvE shooter. In teams of three, Extraction pits players against a deadly parasite that takes the form of a sticky black mould. This parasite is known as the Sprawl – if left unchecked, it can infect and kill humans.

Extraction borrows a number of core elements from Rainbow Six Siege, including the operators Ela and Vigil, who appeared in the first trailer back in 2019. The gameplay should feel familiar to anyone who has dabbled in Siege’s multiplayer, and we fully expect to see more Rainbow Six Siege operators become part of the game.

When describing the game for the first time, Ubisoft made it clear that you don’t have to be a Siege player to enjoy Extraction. This game may be a good way for new players to get to grips with a few of Siege’s mechanics, as players will use some of the same weapons, gadgets, and operators. Here’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Extraction so far.

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