Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress – a quick guide

Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress – a quick guide

So you want to know about the Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress? In this sci-fi grand strategy game, there are many powerful entities that can spawn known as ‘guardians’. These were first introduced in the Stellaris DLC Leviathans, although Distant Stars and Ancient Relics have introduced more since. Some are giant spaceborne aliens, but the Enigmatic Fortress is ancient abandoned stronghold.

This massive space station is guarded by many unique defense platforms that can spawn in any random class A star system. The defenses use regular components and weaponry, and so can be countered like anything else, there’s just a lot to get through! If you defeat the fortress, there’s then an event chain you need to work through to actually get the rewards.

If you let the timer expire at any point, or if you choose the wrong option during the chain, the defences will reactivate and you have to defeat them all over again – so it’s better to get things right the first time. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a quick guide on the fortress, its defences, and the event chain itself – hopefully it should arm you with everything you need. Note that you will need the Leviathans expansion for this one to spawn in your game.

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