The best Christmas games on PC

The best Christmas games on PC

As far-too-short Christmas playlists have taught us, not only is it Chriiiiiiiiiiiiissssstmaaaaassssss, but it is the most wonderful time of the year, mainly as we take a break and dedicate the holiday period to catching up on some of our favourite games.

From big open-world games you can play through from morning to night, short narrative driven games to fill the spaces between mince pie feasting, or multiplayer games to play with the family, whether that be online or together on the couch. These games double down on festivities to see us through to the new year, not just adding Christmas updates, but also being wonderfully wintery to play regardless.

We like to keep a theme going here at PCGamesN, so this list is all about games that really embrace the winter wonderland that is December. From fictional end-of-year celebrations to rescuing plague-ridden cities, videogames have offered up numerous ways to experience the joy of Christmas. These are our picks of the best of them, starting with…

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