The best DP27 loadout in Warzone Pacific

The best DP27 loadout in Warzone Pacific

With Warzone Pacific taking its battle royale journey to the new Warzone map, Caldera, a lot of Call of Duty Vanguard weapons areĀ along for the ride. If you’ve been playing the WWII shooter, you’ll be more than familiar with them, but if you’re a Warzone purist, it’s about time you became acquainted with the DP27 – a unique and powerful LMG.

It’s an unorthodox-looking gun, the DP27. With a hefty barrel and a whole lot of range, this light machine gun is a fantastic option for loadouts where you’re using a close range SMG like the PPSh-41.

With your medium to long ranged encounters covered by the DP27, and anything closer than that shredded by your SMG, this loadout can utterly dominate in Caldera. There aren’t many better options, and the attachments we’ve picked offer a great deal of power for some surprisingly negligible downsides.

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