The best Genshin Impact weapons you can get for free

The best Genshin Impact weapons you can get for free

We all want the best Genshin Impact weapons, but we also all want free stuff. If you are going to wait for five-star weapon results from your Wishes you might have to wait a long time, or you will have to invest a lot of money in Genshin Impact. There’s always the weapon pity system introduced in 2.0, but for many players, it is more feasible to find good weapons by playing.

Luckily, Genshin Impact offers enough quality three and four-star weapons that you can find in the open world or craft yourself, so there’s no need to invest in Wishes to complete your best Genshin Impact builds. Some of the freely available weapons are better than others, but since their number is limited, all are worth getting.

We’ve included some of the best, but keep in mind that the value of a weapon depends greatly on the situation, the Genshin Impact characters you want to use it for and plenty of other factors like the monsters you’re going after and what Genshin Impact artifacts you have.

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