The best hacking games on PC in 2022

The best hacking games on PC in 2022

Looking for a list of the best hacking games on PC? Game developers have long valued the ‘hacker ethic’ — the will and skill to grab a game by the scruff of its code, rip it apart, and put the pieces together in a new way.

Id Software prioritized the nascent modding community when they were creating Doom, Valve courted it from Half-Life onward and the entirety of the MOBA genre stems from folks futzing with Warcraft III.

Of course, most players are just that: players. We see numbers and letters in a line of code; not meaning. But, there’s a lineage of games that have sought to deliver the fantasy of being in complete command of a computer’s functions; of using that control to wreak destruction, or to avert it. Some of these games present a simulation of hacking, with the player inputting real lines of code. Others, though, abstract hacking to the point that it becomes a magical ability you can use with the press of a button. We like both, and you’ll find both represented in our hacking games list below.

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