The Sims 4’s next update lets you meddle in your neighbours’ lives

The Sims 4’s next update lets you meddle in your neighbours’ lives

The Sims 4 gets a new feature next week that’ll give your player-controlled sims far greater control over the happenings of the folks in and around their neighbourhood. Called Neighbourhood Stories, the update hinges on one core idea: to “bring more life to neighbour sims that live outside the active household”. This doesn’t just add more layers of autonomy to those sims, though – it lets your active characters play a pretty big role in influencing exactly what they do.

“Neighbourhood Stories begins with gameplay divided between life changes that your sims can influence neighbour sims to consider, things neighbour sims autonomously consider, and some that fall into both categories,” EA explains in a dev post.

Essentially, neighbour sims will decide to make big life changes themselves without you needing to switch to their household – and this can happen in two different ways. You can “direct” one of your active sims to “influence” a neighbour sim to ponder making a life change, for example. So, essentially, you can go meddle to your heart’s content. If you reckon that random pal you met not too long ago should go have a baby then, well, you can tell them so.

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