This ASUS prebuild is the cheapest way to buy an RTX 3070 right now

In amongst our ever growing collection of Black Friday PC deals, we have a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unlike all our other featured pieces of kit, this PC isn’t on sale. This PC is in fact, not even a Black Friday deal. Instead, this PC is simply the cheapest piece of kit rocking an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 we’ve seen. So it doesn’t really matter which coloured Friday it happens to be, we feel a duty to share it with you.

The ASUS ROG Gaming Desktop not only boasts that RTX 3070 but also has no slouch of a CPU with the Intel Core i7-11700F installed. That being said, even without a CPU with just that graphics card alone, seeing this unit coming in at $1,649.99 on BestBuy has to be shared. 

You also get 16GB of DDR4 RAM, which is enough for most gaming needs and fairly easy to upgrade if you choose. Storage-wise you get a 1TB HDD for general use with a 512GB SSD you can pop your OS and favourite games on for quick launching. This is all sitting in a very ROG looking case, complete with top carry handle.

ASUS – ROG Gaming Desktop | Intel Core i7-11700F |16GB Memory | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 | 1TB HDD | 512GB SSD| $1,649.99 at BestBuy
You can get this gaming PC with an RTX 3070 in it for the cheapest price we’ve ever seen. It also happens to be from a reputable brand and retailer, which is a nice touch.

Other notable features for your average gamer is that it comes running Windows 11. This saves you the trouble of installing but you might want to check out how to optimise your games first. It also comes with a month worth of Game Pass, Microsoft’s excellent game subscription service. It’s a pretty cheap subscription to pay so it’s not a huge boon, but it does start you out with a collection of games to try. 

The last thing we’d mention about this deal is after checking the comment reviews, is that this PC might run a little bit hot. It could absolutely be worth picking up a cooling system in the Black Friday sales as well, to go along with this actually not on sale PC. Oh, and we mention it’s only $1,649.99 and has an RTX 3070 in it? 

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