Welcome to Core Keeper, your new favourite mining game

Welcome to Core Keeper, your new favourite mining game

The Core Keeper Alpha has launched today, providing an exciting opportunity for new players to take a trip into the sprawling caverns and put their survival skills to the test. Far more than a simple mining game, Core Keeper draws from a wide range of influences and combines them into a captivating adventure for up to eight players.

That’s right – you don’t have to go solo or just bring along a couple of friends for your adventures. Core Keeper allows you and seven of your buddies to get together, craft some armour and weapons, and start literally digging into the vast world that awaits to uncover new materials, a wealth of food to farm, and enormous creatures that will need every member of your squad to be on their best form to defeat.

So what exactly does Core Keeper entail, and just what makes it so good? We’ve put together a quick overview of the best features so you don’t miss out on the free Open Alpha experience taking place over the next two weeks.

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