When does Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event start?

Halo Infinite's first event, Fracture: Tenrai, begins later today and will run for one week. We know that the Fracture: Tenrai event will return several times throughout Season 1 and we finally have a start time for the first multiplayer event. As part of the event you'll be able to get your hands on the Yoroi armor set as well as various other cosmetics from the event pass, so let's take a look at when it goes live.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai start time 

The Fracture: Tenrai event begins on November 23 and will end on November 30. It will have a separate event pass for rewards that will run concurrently with the regular and premium battle pass. It's free and will be available for all Halo Infinite players. More information about upcoming events is coming when Halo Infinite launches on December 8.

For now, let's get back to the Fracture: Tenrai event. You can expect to join in the fun later today from the following times:

  • 10 am PT 
  • 1 pm ET
  • 6 pm GMT
  • 7 pm CET

It's likely that servers are going to get pretty busy, so expect to queue for a while. Halo Infinite's multiplayer is still in its beta and will be for some time, so expect a few crashes and issues here and there. They've held up well so far considering it was a shadow drop, so I'm hopeful that it'll be a relatively smooth launch.

While you're waiting to join a match, why not customise your Xbox controller settings? You can also read about what the PC Gamer team thinks of Halo Infinite Multiplayer if things get really slow. 

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