Where to discover the device in Fortnite

Where to discover the device in Fortnite

Want to know where to discover the device in Fortnite? After much speculation, Fortnite Chapter 3 has begun, and the map has now flipped over. The season comes with a new map, lots of weapons, and even a mechanic that allows you to slide in Fortnite. As if sliding down hills wasn’t thrilling enough, you’ll soon be able to swing across the map with the Spider-Man mythic item.

Punchcard quests no longer exist and challenges are split into daily, season, and milestone quests. The first of the season quests asks you to discover a device, this signals the start of a line of story challenges and nets you a large amount of XP to unlock new Fortnite skins.

We will show you where you need to go to discover the device in Fortnite, what it looks like, and which quests unlock after you find it.

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