Where to ram a snowman with a vehicle in Fortnite

Where to ram a snowman with a vehicle in Fortnite

Want to know how to ram a snowman with a vehicle? Fortnite’s festive event brings yet another Fortnite present to open and another Winterfest challenge for you to complete. Though the act of driving a car into a snowman is relatively simple, finding these frosty fellows in the first place is another matter entirely.

You could do this the hard way and drive around until you spot an enemy player using a Sneaky Snowman, but fortunately, there are far easier ways to complete this challenge. To help you finish this challenge quickly, we’ve found the best Fortnite snowman locations so you can easily run them down..

After finishing this Winterfest challenge, you may wish to know how to dance in front of Crackpot’s Cabin and Sgt. Winter’s Workshop or how to warm yourself by the Yule log in Cozy Cabin. Completing these challenges give you XP to put towards unlocking some Fortnite skins, and seasonal cosmetics like the Snowmando Board and Ffrosty back bling.

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